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Learn about your responsibilities under ESG in the member-only area.

The commercial construction industry has many challenges and they're not getting solved tomorrow. It will take many years and some say, many trillions of dollars. The industry and the built environment it produces are responsible for 40% of the globe's carbon emissions. Steel and concrete are currently not sustainable. High-rise structures are considered energy hogs.  CCSA will use its considerable resources to bring in experts to tell our members what their options are and what strategies make the most sense. CCSA will shortly become a place for networking with others in the same circumstances.

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See how to maximize workforce issues from . . . shortages . . . to diversity . . . to equity.

On the social side, the industry has been working to improve known workforce challenges, but is still reeling from the impact of Covid, and a workforce that is shrinking, or at least not being replenished. CCSA members will hear solid advice from influencers in the member-only section of CCSA's website. Advice, not judgement or pressure. CCSA will be a place to get ideas ... and see them carried out, so we make changes that are needed and we can all  benefit and grow.

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We openly discuss Governance and its importance in the construction business.

Many company leaders are starting to incorporate ESG and sustainability as they address their customers, employees and municipalities but continue to fall short in proactively taking needed actions to effect real change. Limited focus has been provided to establish a formal self-governing framework based on stakeholder expectations to move ESG from a concept to a real choice of operational strategy.  CCSA members will hear from other company owners as to how they are approaching the new corporate culture of sustainability. 

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CCSA Members Learn About the Newest Energy Saving Building Materials.

We keep our members informed and up to speed on the lastest and newest sustainable building projects from around the globe. We show you the most relevant projects in every sector ... healthcare ... education ... government ... retail ... office buildings ... transportation ... and hospitality.


We tell you about not only the newest energy saving building materials, but who was responsible and how you can reach them ... to learn more. New advances in concrete that repels water instead of absorbing it, or an energy saving 4 X 8 panel that replaces plywood and OSB. You'll read about smart windows (Pictured on left at O'Hare Int'l Airport) that adjust to the weather to limit sun rays or allow them through and you'll know where to get them so you can specify them on your next project.


We even show the less successful installations, like how a building in Denmark installed solar panels on an entire side of a high-rise and only saved  a little more than 10% in operational energy costs.

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New Technologies Play a Big Role in the Future of Commercial Construction.

We bring in experts in new technologies, like AI or robotics, or electric powered vehicles to cut down the on-site emissions and human disruption of city centers during construction. We review the newest digital solutions like BIM that help make sustainability more achievable and speed up the construction process. We will focus on bricklaying robots, blocklaying robots, walkthru robots for measuring and feedback. Anything that speeds up the construction process to shorten the time for building and fill in gaps caused by worker shortages.

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We Even Show You
Non-Construction Sustainability News.

We even tell you what's going on in sustainability in the non-construction areas, like solar panel advancements, wind farms, water treatment techniques, sustainable farming and much more. 


Whether you're a banker, a consultant, a contractor, a real estate developer, an architect, an investor, or building material supplier, this is one association you can join to give you one place to look, to find anything affecting commercial construction in sustainability ... renewable energy ... circularity ... ESG ... net zero emissions ... eco-friendly products ... new technologies ... and where the projects and products are, and who is responsible.

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CCSA Membership is Good for Business:

CCSA also provides an opportunity for networking, putting you in contact with new companies that can become partners and new customers.  Our

continuing communications programs throughout the year provide an endless stream of new business opportunities. Sustainability attracts new business from would-be strangers who think sustainably. 

And the CCSA keeps you up to date with a newsletter, a buyer's guide of sustainable products, a digital magazine that works on any device, a Sustainability Trade Show (not yet reserved) and a membership directory so you can connect with key players in the industry. This is one association that virtually everyone should join. And it's priced so everyone can.

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CCSA. Great for new business growth.

Sustainability could be your greatest catalyst for expanding your business.


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