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Membership Terms

These Terms and Conditions are based on the bylaws of the Commercial Construction Sustainability Association (known as CCSA), as established by the membership by general vote. In case of any contradiction between the Terms and Conditions as displayed on this webpage and the bylaws, the bylaws will prevail. By using the member section of the website, you agree to abide by these terms.


  • Membership is open to all persons and organizations.


  • Membership starts on the day payment of the membership has been received in the account of the CCSA.

  • Membership will last for the period as indicated in the subscription by the member. Duration can only be altered in case the member wants to become a member in a higher income category or for a longer period.

  • In case payment for renewal of the membership has not been received, member’s access to the website will end one month after the due payment date.

  • Membership can be ended prior to the end date in cases mentioned under {E}.



  • Membership fees will be paid by credit card or bank transfer via the ways indicated on CCSA’s website.

  • Organizations may be granted a membership payment in kind instead of monetary payment after permission by the CCSA Director of Membership.

  • Membership fees shall be set by the Membership Committee (Committee). The Committee may create different categories of membership and variable levels of membership fees. Alterations to the categories of membership or the schedule of dues shall require a two-thirds majority of the Committee.


  • Both individual and organizational members may have the right to participate in programs and activities of the CCSA, subject to the rules established by the Executive Committee and the Association’s bylaws. These rights and privileges may include the right to:

    • hold office in the Association;

    • vote for elected officers;

    • vote on matters referred by the Board of Directors;

    • vote on changes, additions, and deletions to the bylaws;

    • seek to petition the Board of Directors;

    • submit announcements via CCSA’s social media.

  • Organizational and sponsoring members may also be entitled to:

    • have a dedicated exhibitor booth at CCSA Events, if and when they are held;

    • have their logo and a short description about their organization on CCSA’s website

  • In no event shall any member have the right of reimbursement of membership fees after 30 days of membership have passed. Even if CCSA has failed to perform in any way, member will have no right of reimbursement after 30 days have passed.



  • The membership ends if the membership period has ended and the member has not renewed membership.

  • In case membership fees due are not paid, CCSA has the right to terminate the membership of the member involved.

  • In case a member deploys activities that may harm the interests of the CCSA significantly, or in case a member acts in a way that is in severe contradiction with CCSA’s aims and nature, the CCSA withholds the right to end the membership of the member involved.

  • Any member has the right to terminate his or her membership before the formal end of the membership period. Termination has to be sent in writing to the CCSA Director of Membership and does not constitute any right of reimbursement of membership fees.

  • End of membership, either at the end of the membership period or by intermediate termination  does not constitute any right of reimbursement of membership fees.

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