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To keep the commercial construction industry informed about everything ESG so the entire industry can achieve sustainability and deliver on its commitments.

To have every sector of the commercial construction industry be aware how they can build sustainably and to know how to apply ESG in their companies. 

To provide access to real stories and projects where energy saving and sustainable building materials were installed, along with contact information, so everyone can gain.

“I have seen algae actually clean sewage water so you can drink it ... and worked to plant 50 million trees in one year.  I believe the commercial construction industry

can achieve its net zero goals." 

Chris Nolan, Co-Founder & COO, CCSA

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CCSA Logo signifies sustainability in construction
Ellepot logo growing smarter
ROK Financial logo lending built for the contractor
Global tech logo responsible for reducing carbon emission in concrete
synthash logo reduces the carbon emissions in concrete
algaewheel logo used in wates treatment to make clean water from waste water
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