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We promote what you're doing in ESG and Sustainability.

Arms linked together shows how sustainability is a group effort

The Commercial Construction Sustainability Association (CCSA) brings the industry together in its efforts to build sustainably.  The commercial construction industry and its built environment are responsible for nearly 40% of the globe's carbon emissions. For this industry to effectively reduce emissions and build sustainably requires all of us working together ... sharing ideas and solutions ... knowing which innovative materials are working ... and maximizing workforce successes. CCSA will be that catalyst where ESG and sustainability solutions can be seen in realtime at actual projects, so we can all gain ... and meet the industry's challenges over the next 30 years.

Photo of building using timber as its main material in construction

CCSA shows everyone actual projects that are being built with sustainable building materials or energy saving products.

Imagine having one place to look ... to see everything that's being built sustainably ... or all the newest energy saving products ... like concrete with 50% less carbon ... or mass-timber ... or smart windows. CCSA will focus all its resources to show the new technologies actually in use ... including who built it and their contact information ... so we can all learn and work toward sustainability as an industry, not just one company.

Photo of a general contractor and staff as theyt consider workforce challenges in diversity and equity

CCSA goes beyond green ... and sustainability ... into the workforce challenges facing the industry ...

Divirsity ... equity ... shortages ... robotics ... training ... are not just conversation. CCSA will show how members are actually solving the issues ... in real-life examples. Everyone talks about these things and after you read it, you never really understand what was said. CCSA will show who's doing what and why it's successful ... so we can all learn and work toward solutions as an industry, not just one company.

Photo of an architect as he considers building with sustainable materials and builds for the future

Many contractors and architects have been building and designing sustainably for many years. Many others are just beginning.

Being a CCSA member can be good for all companies in the industry no matter what your level of knowledge or experience is with sustainability. As the industry grows in its understanding of ESG, we will all benefit by sharing experiences and proving what works and what doesn't. CCSA will respect the privacy of its members. If you have experiences you'd rather not share, for whatever reason, we will keep them confidential. On the other hand, if you are making news and want to spread it to the rest of the industry, CCSA will publish it, so everyone can gain.

Photo of an architect with a contractor in front of a constuction site where they both secured the project because they use sustainable methods of construction,

CCSA membership can be good for new business.

Our contractor-members are more likely to be chosen for the next project, because they know more, or already build sustainably. Owners tend to choose architects who can design sustainably. Today, even financing favors those building projects that have better ESG ratings. As a CCSA member, you will have more knowledge, more awareness, and hopefully, more work.


CCSA. A real resource for meaningful sustainability information that you can use on your next project ... and grow your business.

"We don't consider it our job to enforce compliance. But rather

to show what new energy saving materials are being created and what new sustainable projects are actually being built, and who's building them, so we all can learn from each other."


Bob Dallas, Founder & CEO, CCSA

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be the catalyst for the commercial construction industry for everything relating to sustainability in every phase of construction, from financing to land development, to demolition, to site preparation, to foundation and the building and all its parts.  Being responsible for almost 40% of the globe's carbon emissions, the industry finds itself innovating and changing ... creating new ways of doing things as well as new materials being introduced as a result of invention and new technologies. CCSA believes we have much to gain from each other's contributions which will speed the process of sustainability for the entire industry.

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Our Vision

To have every sector of the commercial construction industry be aware how they can build sustainably and to know how to apply ESG in their companies ... for workforce development, diversity, environmental issues at the jobsite, that can be used in real time. Also, that all the players know what the newest technologies are, whether in energy saving materials or in design and operations so projects can run more efficiently and thus reducing waste (manpower and energy).

Join us today and get noticed for your initiatives.

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