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Tractile is a new roof design that has solar built right in and with 25 patents in numerous contries, this solar is cooled with water which is then fed into hot water for the house.


Tractile roof design has never been seen or installed in the United States. It is so unique and preferred, it is patented in 25 countries. 

Why Tractile is the choice for any home.

It seems we are all experiencing harsh weather conditions along with its extreme weather events and diverse climates no matter where we live. These conditions require a robust and versatile roofing solution. Tractile is an innovative and award-winning roofing product, which stands on its own when compared to other roofing materials. With the added benefit of integrated solar power and solar hot water, Tractile enables sustainable living without any compromises.

The Tractile difference.

Whether you are replacing a roof or building a new home, Tractile is a compelling comparison to other available roofing materials and brings the future of roofing technology to you today.

Minimum roof pitch for standard install10 degrees15 degrees5 degrees15 degrees

Design and aestheticsExcellentGoodVisible solar panelsVisible solar panels

These are approximate guidelines only and subject to change without notice. 

*This is photovoltaic performance only and does not take into account the energy harvested from heated water. 

Less visible and more efficient than solar panels

Tractile’s integrated solar tiles are up to 55% efficient (per square metre) in converting the sun’s energy into usable electricity. This is up to 3 times more efficient per sqm than regular solar panels.

Solar panels lose efficiency when they heat up. Beside from using superior solar technology, Tractile solar tiles have integrated water channels to cool the solar cells gaining extra efficiency. This also supplies solar heated water for use in the home.

Stronger than concrete tiles and metal roofing.

Our hammer test compares the impact resistance of Tractile when compared with concrete tiles or metal roofing. Hailstones and golf balls are no match for Tractile.

Sustainability and Security Guaranteed

30 year warranty

We provide a 30 year warranty on Tractile roof tiles.

Secure roof tiles

Interlocking system prevents tiles unwanted entry from pests such as possums, rodents and thieves.


Generates 4.5 times less CO2 during manufacture than concrete or steel roofing.

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