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Chris Nolan

Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer

882 Louis Drive
Warminster, PA 18974

Main Number: 878-688-0688

Direct: 878-688-0687

Cell: 513-309-7287



Chris Nolan is Co-Founder of the CCSA. Chris brings his experiential  background in sustainability to CCSA having worked in leading Sustainable Science fields including Canada’s Reforestation industry (growing 50 million tree seedlings annually at Aqua North in WAWA, Ontario Canada). Chris researched and recommended high efficiency technologies that would increase production of and meet operational challenges. Optimization of greenhouse lighting, via automated computerized curtain systems, watering systems, and automated potting for a 275,000 sq. ft. greenhouse to insure profitability. In the process Aqua North adopted Denmark’s Ellepot Propagation System (www.Ellepot.com) which eliminate plastic and pots, and delivers maximum production efficiency resulting in high yield healthy plants. These technologies substantially reduced costs and delivered truly sustainable solutions. 

Chris also worked with One Water Inc. (Singapore) focused on their flagship product, Algaewheel (www.algaewheel.com). Algaewheel is a proprietary technology developed by OneWater Inc. that brings wastewater treatment and water reuse into the 21st century. The cornerstone of OneWater’s innovative Algaewheel design is an environmentally friendly and visually attractive modular system that can be installed quickly and mimics nature’s biological process to deliver high performance. It is a low energy, self-sustaining ecosystem.  Chris networked with U.S. Government leaders (Federal and State), Mexican and Central American governments and NGO’s while facilitating and networking with Mexican Family Offices to help establish new sales of Algae Wheel systems. 

Formal Education includes:

Bachelor of Science (Double Major): Mining & Geology & Geography & Earth Science (Environmental)  Graduated in 1974 - Northern Michigan University 

Laurentian University 1972 (Sudbury, Ont.) 

 Worked for INCO (international Nickel) in Sudbury, Ontario, CA as an intern in nickel mine for towards B.S. degree. 

Algaewheel Technology

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